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June 22-29 and/or July 27-Aug 3



brings together leaders and executives from diverse industries to collaborate on educating, inspiring and developing Oregon’s future workforce. Volunteers report they learn more than they teach!  And they develop community and relationships to last a lifetime.

"As a volunteer, I learned so much about my management and leadership skills. And to see how much the students grow in just one week... I was hooked and have come back every summer since."


Several volunteer roles are available each year to accommodate varying schedules. 


Be a Company Advisor!  

A Company Advisor serves as a coach and mentor to a team of students. They learn as much as they teach! This opportunity is ideal for executives, managers and small business owners.


This opportunity requires a full week commitment.

June 22-29 and/or July 27-Aug 3


Be a Judge!

On Friday of OBA Business Week, come and see what a small group of high school students has achieved in just a few days. Aid in their success by providing feedback on their presentations and teamwork. As a judge, your score will help determine the overall winners for each project. 


This opportunity requires one full day commitment.

8:30 AM-4:00 PM

June 28 and/or Aug 2


Be a Mock Interviewer!  

Conduct mock interviews with students and help them by providing feedback on their interviewing skills and offer advice on how they can improve their responses.


This opportunity requires a half day commitment.

2:00-5:00 PM
and optional formal dinner with students from 6:40 PM - 8:10 PM 

June 26 and/or July 31

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