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The Business Week Company Advisor (CA) program is OBA’s most-demanding and most-rewarding professional development opportunity. During this one-week commitment, June 22-29 or July 27 - Aug 3, Company Advisors get the chance to: share entrepreneurial and work experiences with high school students; participate in seminars on current business topics; network with other business professionals; and enhance time management, communication and mentoring-coaching skills. 


50% Mentorship: Provide personal and group support to all students participating in OBA. During the week, guide the “company” of 8 students towards deadlines that may seem difficult to meet. Challenge the expectations that students  hold for themselves, inspiring them to achieve goals that may seem out of reach.  


30% Communication: Take an experiential learning approach. Ensure that all students know where they need to be by  when and that students are kept safe at all times. Promote active participation in general assemblies. Encourage thoughtful reflection on daily activities. Be willing to seek help or support from other volunteers or staff to draw out the best from the students and to solve problems if they arise.  


20% Team player: Work with other CAs and OBA staff to ensure that all students’ experience with Business Week is beneficial. Set an example that shows the value and importance of teamwork, professionalism and communication. 



A successful Company Advisor will possess the following core competencies:  

  • Enthusiasm for business 

  • Persuasive communication skills 

  • Creative problem solving techniques 

  • Team building skills 

  • Desire to work with students from diverse backgrounds 

  • Ability to be an exemplary role model 

  • Patience and compassion 

  • Discretion and diplomacy



Donating seven days to Business Week is a huge commitment. The primary benefit of this time investment is the opportunity to impact Oregon high school students’ lives for the better through mentorship. Beyond the enormous benefit for student  participants, CAs also enhance valuable business and life skills, including:  

  • Striking the balance of being a leader and listener 

  • Maintaining a positive attitude when problem solving 

  • Experimenting with and defining personal leadership style 

  • Effectively moderating a room and ensuring that all participants are heard and valued 

  • Multitasking in a fast-paced environment and ensuring productivity 

  • Effectively communicating and working with adult peers and youth



While the core CA training will occur on the date of your arrival to Business Week (one day prior to student arrival), there will also be a two-hour Zoom training call, which will be scheduled for June or July, and based on availability of the CAs.

This opportunity requires a full week commitment (June 22-29 or July 27 - Aug 3).

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