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Student Ambassador Program

Don't worry, this is a hidden page! Just wanted to show you how it will work. April is still building the real one.

The OBA Student Ambassador Program aims to create a dynamic network of student leaders who are passionate about business education and eager to contribute to the growth and success of OBA. As Student Ambassadors, participants will play a vital role in promoting OBA's values, engaging with prospective students, and enhancing the student experience.

Each Student Ambassador is expected to: 
Have participated in at least 1 Business Week
Create and execute a custom Student Ambassador Plan (SAP)
Communicate responsively with OBA Staff
Attend 2 Student Ambassador Group Meetings (virtual options available) 
Remain in good academic standing with their school
Maintain a high ethical standard and reputation with peers, educators, and OBA
*Time Commitment: 2023-2024 School Year*

Why Become an OBA Student Ambassador?
Leadership Development: The Ambassador Program offers a unique opportunity to enhance leadership skills through public speaking, mentorship, and event coordination.
Networking: Ambassadors will connect with fellow student leaders and OBA volunteer networks expanding their professional network and gaining valuable connections.
Resume Building: Participation in the program demonstrates dedication, leadership, and communication skills – all of which are valuable assets on a resume.
Impact: Ambassadors directly contribute to shaping the OBA community and fostering a positive environment for future students.


Submit your Application by November 16th

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Personal Email (Please, no school emails)
High School
Year in School
Do you have your parent/guardian's permission to apply?
Why do you want to become an OBA Student Ambassador?
If you were to tell a prospective student why they should sign up for Business Week, what would you say?

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